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Laminates & Flexible Packaging

  Our printed laminates and food packaging laminates are aesthetically pleasing and combine attractiveness with functionality. The material combination can be single/two/three layers as per the product characteristics and the desired shelf life of the product. Laminates act as self promotion for the products and it provides good display value at the time of purchase for the target audience.

Application: We currently manufacture laminates for numerous products which include-

Liquids: Milk, Juice, Water, Oil
Powder, Granules & Solid Products: Coffee, Dried Fruits, Snack Food
Non-Food Products: Adhesives, Creams, Lotions
Gussete Pouches: Tea, Flour, Cement Bags, Namkeens
Stand Up Pouches (With/Without Zip Lock): Rice, Tea, Wheat Flour, Oil /Lubricants, Liquid Soap / Detergents, Juices.
Centre Seal / Four Side Seal: Sugar, Salt, Tea / Coffee, Chocolate, Detergent, Candies, Breakfast Cereals.



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